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Why Choose SES?

SES and its affiliates have been providing services to OEM and industrial markets for over 17 years. Our experience with global suppliers and sales logistics gives SES a competitive advantage in today's changing business climate.

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What does SES do?

We help our customers source components required to do higher level assemblies. We have a broad network of partners from Mexico and China that allows us to get high quality parts at lower cost.

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Products from SES

The products we source from our global suppliers range from fittings, castings, and valves all the way to circuit boards, fencing, and manifolds. And that's just naming a few.

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The SES Advantage

SES will provide you with a complete and detailed quote for all the components you need for your customer. This enables you to get more exposure as a supplier to your customer along with additional margins as we continue to work and grow your product opportunities.

Whether your product requirements are in plastics, metal, or specialized commodities, SES can use its global connections to source the right product to fit your needs at the right price.

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